Demystifying Search engines on how they work and how to beat them when Building a Business

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John Limbocker

Hi, I’m John Limbocker,


with over 15 years of experience analyzing Search Results and Strategizing safe and effective techniques to get businesses to the top of the rankings. I led the way in developing Keyword research methods to identify and leverage the ideal client concept. Using this strategy allows business to increase profits by increasing ROI. At the same time it will reduce advertising spend and labor costs dealing with inquiries that will never convert.

My message has been unwavering since the beginning. Get them all working for you, its a game changing web strategy. With the right Strategies in place you will be able to lower costs and increase business and overall profits. I have consulted with many business owners helping them cut costs while increasing revenue and profits.

I have been guest as well as main speaker at many different events/venues from Computer User Groups to Pepperdine University. Some include: Eric Lofholm Sales Training Seminars, Loral Langemeyer Business Builder Events, Craig Duswalt’s Marketing Events, Adam Ginsberg’s Training Events, Ray Edwards Online Seminars, Celebrity Creators Online Seminars, Pete Mitchell’s Business Seminars,

Stompernet Live Events, Local Meetups, and Main Feature Speaker on Internet Marketing at the Glazer Kennedy Info Summit 2011. I have also participated in countless interviews from top online marketers like Ryan Deiss and CBS Business News.

Was referred to as the “Godfather of SEO” in the Internet Marketing Industry by Ryan Deiss (2009)

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