WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT - Taking direction from someone that's been there-done-that is how we pass on knowledge and experience and Gina St. George provides a fascinating perspective of Big Corporate America vs Small Business America. Gina has the drive and energy that propels people to success and the information she shares with us can prove to be invaluable.

Meet your World Class Instructor!

Gina St. George

Hi, I’m Gina St. George

A sophisticated entrepreneur that spent has years in Big Corporate America and successfully graduated to entrepreneurship. What I bring is a wealth of business knowledge and expertise to the table.

I have a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Finance. My background enables me to teach clients to be pragmatic and methodical, and to accomplish big goals by doing many small things one after another.

After leaving the corporate world, I joined two small businesses and discovered that the same all the work invoked burnout I experienced in the Fortune 100 world was everywhere in the world of small business too.

WHO THIS IS FOR - Because Gina covers a broad spectrum of important topics this segment is a must for every entrepreneur from the "thinking about it stage" to seasoned entrepreneurs. It's easy to get sucked into the black hole of business details but armed with the right knowledge a lot of suffering can be avoided and Gina explains exactly how to do that.

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